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Sorry...(LAST ENTRY)

I'm sorry for the lack of updates this last month or so. I just haven't felt the need to update this journal. School and Southerners have soaked me in. Plus, now I have a xanga, myspace, and a facebook to maintain too. So I'm really contemplating on shutting this down entirely. Although this has been my mode of expressing myself for the last three years and also the first mode, I feel like I've grown apart from this thing. So this will be my last entry. I will keep this entry up for about two weeks, and then I will completely shut it down for good. It was fun while it lasted. Take care everyone. My contact info will be posted below this entry.

Contact info:
AIM: Miria At JSU
Email: miria_at_jsu@hotmail.com
For all of the college students, look for me on facebook! Search for my name, Jermiria Darden!
Cell phone: (706) 518-6541
College Address:
Jermiria Darden
JSU #7190
700 Pelham Road North
Jacksonville, AL 36265
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