Miria Is Me. (miria_is_me) wrote,
Miria Is Me.

First poem of 2006

I may not be the skinny girl, but I'm just as beautiful, right?
I may not be the ONE, but I'm great just the way I am, right?
I may not be perfect, but do you really know who is?
I may not be THE girl of your dreams, but will you still be my friend?
I may not be the one you want, but am I the one you NEED?
I may have my flaws, but does that make you hate me?
I like me the way I am for now, but do YOU like me?
I know I've made mistakes, but will you just LOVE me?
I have learned to be happy and smile, but I want to smile JUST like you.
I've learned to be satisfied, but I want to be satisfied JUST like you.
I've learned to look at life positively, but I want to do that JUST like you.
I want to walk to the beat of my own drum, but I want to do that JUST like you.
I may be wrong to say what I feel, but I feel like you complete me.
I feel like you're the true gentleman I've been looking for.
It's true that your soulmate is the one that you least expect, but I never knew HE could be YOU.
Should I be the woman of YOUR dreams? or Will you be the man in MINE?
Be the subject of MY prose, and I'll be the melody to YOUR song.
Be the sunshine of MY life, and I'll be the color to YOUR world.
Bring the joy of YOUR smile to me, and I'll bring the care and love of MY heart to you.
Every night, I will continue to pray to have a man like YOU in my life.
Until then, I want to get to know you even more...
Because I'm intrigued by you...
Hope I am the same way...

By: Jermiria Raquel Monique Darden
~January 6, 2006
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